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Art bar with a Nordic twist

Contact us : +41 (0) 22 909 6071

Reflecting the eccentric aristocratic character of Fred, patron of the arts and quintessential socialite, the bar introduces a witty, contemporary concept to the historic lakeside setting. Hand-picked, original artworks shape the menu of interactive cocktails and aromatic Aquavits, while Scandi storytelling is evident in the choice of Nordic small plates. Eclectic furnishings and a miscellany of collectables create a stylish and sophisticated backdrop, where intuitive service by the talented team, upholds Fred's genial legacy. 

Introducing FRED
The family's enfant terrible, Fred followed love to Geneva where his reputation as a dandy and purveyor of the curious bestowed him a certain allure within society. An avid philanthropist, he championed emerging artists, supporting the avant-garde art scene from his favored rendezvous at the original Hotel de la Paix. Legend has it he once declared, "This is the only place where I find peace and indulge in my beloved Scandinavian fare." His presence lingers on through the impressive portrait hanging in the bar.
Imaginative concoctions 
A fusion of cosmopolitan lifestyle and local glamor, FRED is Lake Geneva's must-visit destination bar. Influenced by artwork on display, alongside Norsk lore and Scandinavian heritage, the menu is highly imaginative. Each with a story to tell, eight signature cocktails combine artistry with a fabled narrative, while herb-infused aquavits are served with traditional pipette. Talented mixologists concoct drinks to reflect individual tastes, expertly paired with a selection of Nordic light bites. 


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